exploding sky

during the sommernachtstraum in munich, july 2006 - brilliant end after a downpour Posted by Picasa

sad eyes

a lovely dog in ravello - probably expecting some dinner ... or waiting for his master ... or planning his escape ... or ...................

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another cloudy - sunny sunset

this time in switzerland after having finished a skate marathon Posted by Picasa

sunset at home

... can also be nice Posted by Picasa

scottish impression - stirling castle

wet surface from scottish rain reflect the warm light in windows of famous stirling castle  Posted by Picasa

sunset in the namibian semi-desert

Posted by Picasa namibia is famous for its colors - especially during sunsets - as shown here


london - piccadilly circus

old and new - architecture and advertisement
parted by a street light

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graffiti and chimneys

another impression of barcelona - same park as last picture. topped by three illuminated chimneys. Posted by Picasa

barcelona - spraywork

one of my favorites of barcelona - feb 2006.  Posted by Picasa